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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 23, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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demonstrate them in how little they really know about what they imagine they can design. they can't. that's our show. see you next week. e you next wee retirement, that's tomorrow night. 6:00 p.m. lose dobbs, next. lou: (?) good evening, everybody. breaking news, new york city mayor bill de blasio creating what may be an irrepairable rip between himself and the new york police department. and tonight, the anti-police demonstrators and their spiritual leader al sharpton have openly divide thdefied the mayor. listen to new york city's mayor earlier today lobbying the police department and calling for the public suddenly to respect law enforcement while holding a moment of silence for the two slain officers. >> we need to protect and respect our police just as our police
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protect and respect our communities. we can strike that balance. we must. lou: de blasio's pleas to hold off on demonstrations until after the officer's funerals being ignored. as you can see, now on your screen, those live pictures, the anti-police demonstrations are going on. protesters trying to shut down new york smith avenue the central attraction for the christmas shopping tourists. the mayor's friend and ally, al sharpton refusing to obey the no protest decree. he called de blasio's call to end protests, quote, an ill-defined request that was too nebulous to he'd. clark will join us in moments to talk about this. also here tonight, one day after north korea's internet mysteriously went down, sony reversed
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itself on the new movie "the interview." the seth rogen and james franco movie will have a limited theatrical release on christmas day. a decision applauded by the obama administration. a historic day on wall street. dow joadow jones industrials closing over 18,000. we're taking this all up tonight. we begin with a mayor who alienated new york's finest and lost control of his left wing supporters. our first guest, de blasio's ally sharpton is a phony. anyone who takes advice or holds counsel with a civil rights activist deserves to have their judgment questioned. joining us now, milwaukee county sheriff david clark. sheriff, good to see you. thanks for being here. what do you make of the open defiance of new york's mayor by these activists and al sharpton? >> well, i'm not surprised at all. look, this thing is reaching a tipping point.
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it's very unfortunate for the city of new york and also for all law enforcement across the united states. mayor de blasio is now being eaten by the beast he was trying to feed with all his anti-cop bashing and rhetoric. he was trying to score cheap political points to begin with. he and two other people, eric holder and obama created a pathway for this unjustified cop hatred that's grown out of control. it's for political expediency. now he's paying a price for it. lou: the city is paying a price for. certainly the merchants in downtown manhattan. we're showing a live picture of demonstrators and protesters and among the things they're shouting is shut it down. shut it down. this group answer which is an acronym to act now
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to stop war and racism. the coalition is continuing with a protest. do you know anything about this organization? and what in the world is going on on these streets? not a lot of people by certainly new york's standards. i don't believe i was out on fifth avenue earlier. i wouldn't say they are anything near 1,000. perhaps a few hundred. not many more than that. >> these are anarchist groups that have hijacked a legitimate concern that many people across america share. but they have a different agenda here. they promote chaos. they try to undermine american institutions. one of the institutions they're trying to undermine is american policing. there's a way out of this for de blasio. and i think because he started this riff, he will have to show that he's really sincere, and not by just issuing a statement and support now. a day late and a dollar short of his empathy for
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the slain officers for nypd. he could start through publicly through a written statement disavowing any thing with al sharpton. he's a vulgar human being. he's divisive and spews hatred. that would go a long way. because no prominent officer holder in the united states, that includes the president and attorney general, and that includes the mayor of new york city should hold counsel, be associated with or be in the company of al sharpton. i think if he did that in a very public way, disavowed any association with al sharpton, i think then the new york police department, led by their union, would be able to put their best foot forward to try to improve relationships. but short of any public disavowing of this race-baiting and race demagogue al sharpton will be very hard to repair the relationship between mayor de blasio and the new york police
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department. the new york police department is not the problem in new york. american policing is not the problem in the united states. we know that. we have the support of our communities. but they chose instead, like i said to put their bets on these cop-hating individuals who are trying to destroy this american institution. lou: sheriff, there's another problem, that unfolds and reveals itself as you suggest, that the mayor disassociate himself from al sharpton. president obama has made al sharpton his personal emissary, certainly on race issues and matters, his personal emissary in ferguson, and now de facto because of what had been the previous relationship with both mayor de blasio and the president on eric garner and the demonstrations taking place right now. he is acting, if you will, as a minister without portfolio on the
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issue of race empowered by the president of the united states. >> well, that's why we're at the point that we're at. that these individuals would take any advice from a person like that, i would to have question the judgment of these three influential men. we all know what al sharpton is about. al sharpton is very selfish. he's very self-interested. he will use any opportunity for his own gain. mayor de blasio and president obama should know better than this. these are smart individuals. again, they laid their chips near al sharpton and now they're paying the price. if these men were to come out and publicly say that they disavow any further association with al sharpton, i think that would be a powerful moment and a powerful message to the people in the united states who want this stuff to end and who want to put this division back together again and try to repair
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the damage that has been done in the last several months probably since ferguson. but it won't happen until the american people and the american police officer trusts that they will no longer be associated with one of the most divisive characters. because i think al sharpton is a cartoon. but one of the most divisive characters in the history of the united states. lou: sheriff, it is great to have you with us. sheriff clark as always. >> merry christmas. lou: sony pictures reversing course saying it will release the movie "the interview." they had pulled the movie because of threats from north korean hackers. the movie will open on christmas day in limited release in limited numbers of theaters and key north korean websites suffering intermitt ant outages after a widespread
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outage of the north korean internet yesterday. not clear what caused today's stoppage or yesterday's, but it did follow a vow by president obama to respond to north korea's cyber attack on sony pictures, to respond proportionally. it was a historic day on wall street. dow closing above 18,000 for the first time ever. ththe s&p up four. both all-time highs. the nasdaq down however. by recent standards, only 3 billion shares. third quarter domestic product driving the action. our economy grew at the rate of 5%. 5%. consumer and business spending, the catalyst, the fastest pace of growth in more than a decade. and the economic mood in this country is improving. consumers more optimistic about the economy than at any time in the past eight years. more jobs, falling
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gasoline prices driving much of the optimism. we're coming back with much more. >> back in the battle. the biggest problem with releasing detainees. general bob scales
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lou: the united states has put a 5 million-dollar bounty out for the recapture of a radical islamist terrorist that it freed from the us detention center in guantanamo bay six years ago. abram is now a senior leader in the arabian peninsula in yemen. he was part of a saudi rehabilitation program for violent terrorists that was endorsed by george w. bush and continues under president barack obama. joining us now, retired major general, robert scales. fox news military analyst. and, bob, great to have you here. >> good to see you, lou. lou: this is, to me, appalling that we're in this situation. apparently the administration is embarrassed in no way by the ver -- among the
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terrorists it's freeing. >> the administration says there's only a 10% visit activism rate. that's not true. it's 28 or 29%. they cook the books on that. there's 117 of the original -- 170 of the original 700 left. these are the worst of the worst. these are detainees that are so bad that not only will there -- will their home states want take them back, but no other government in the world will allow them into -- inside their countries. and so the administration wants to empty guantanamo over the next two years. if they do, even the commander in afghanistan, general john campbell said, there's some of the names on this list, that if they return to afghanistan, american soldiers lives will be put at risk. so it's a real showdown in washington right now whether or not they'll slam the door shut on this place and put our shoulders at risk.
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lou: who shut down the north korean internet? >> i'm pretty sure our government did. of course, it's not exactly the most complex job in the world. i mean, north korea is beyond a failed state. it's a slave state. run by a sociopath -- lou: they have hoodwinked and utterly followed administration after administration, republican and democrat. don't tell me they're bad. it makes our presidents look like fools. >> they're playing well above their weight. north korea doesn't have have -- their air force can't fly. their people are starving. 1.1 people in uniform. and their leader is a 30-year-old nutcase who is still trying to solidify his authority. we should be able to humanithumiliate them with no effort whatsoever. the fact that this has
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become a media frenzy over the past couple of weeks is absolutely amazing to me, lou. lou: there is another media frenzy that isn't surprising. that's over russia. vladimir putin. the country is being pushed to the brink. some are suggesting, including the president that it basically has gone over the edge. but the reality is, vladimir putin is not a regional -- the leader of a regional power. he has almost as many warheads as the united states now. this is a difficult challenge that we have yet to meet squarely and repulse. >> well, let's -- first of all, let's separate his nuclear capability, which is first rate, from the capability of the rest of russia. lou: i would be willing to do that if he won't use a tactical nuke. if he's pressed too hard, too far by this administration and nato. >> no. i think he's backed into a corner.
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putin won't do that. he has enough trouble just trying to keep his economy alive and keep them slipping from a recession and depression. here's the thing that he has -- he's completely missed. russia is a european, not an asian power. their future rests to the west, not to the east. by antagonizing nato, by turning the ukrainians from getting closer to russia with wanting to join nato. making them so mad so they can't speak russian anymore. putin has miscalculated enormously. we need to take advantage of it. give the ukrainians good weapons. to prop up their economy -- lou: but, general, this administration won't even give the ukrainians a warm meal. only mres. >> that's so true. it airng angers me. of all the problems we
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face, the easiest to solve is the ukrainian problem. this is an army that wants to fight. they have neighbors that are willing to join. this is something that we could really leverage if the administration chose to do so and had the courage to do it. sadly, they don't. lou: well, perhaps we will see a fundamental transformation in this administration in the new year. bob scales we'll count on the fact you'll be the same and just as valuable as always to the nation's outlook and insight. thanks for providing both. appreciate it. bob scales. >> thank you. lou: nationwide flu outbreak. the centers for disease control, 29 states reporting widespread flu activity. this week mostly in the south and the midwest. that's twice as many states reporting as the previous week.
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up next, he's openly clashed with his country's largest and most diverse police force and is now asking for restraint from the very protesters and demonstrators that he encouraged and suggested that he was leading. >> i'm asking everyone, and this is across the spectrum, to put aside protests, put aside demonstrations, until these funerals are passed. lou: it may already be too late for de blasio to stop what he began. that's here next. stay with us. dad, i know i haven't said this often enough, but thank you. thank you mom for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family,
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get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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lou: tonight, two winter storms are threatening to derail the travel plans of some 100 million folks trying to get home for christmas. snow and rain hitting the northwest and rockies over the next few days. howling winds will make it a wet, windy christmas for much of the eastern part of the country. a few comments now on the left's loss of confidence and its loss of credibility. both president obama and new york mayor de blasio are leading the left
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into what appears to be a full-blown crisis. leaders who have appealed to their base, instead of trying to lift up, to elevate aspirations and ideals for all. the president has achieved his diminished standing by his many false promises, his white house scandals, political exploitation and opportunityism on race and his campaign that his administration has led against our law enforcement agencies. and his sheer ineptitude in seemingly every policy arena, foreign or domestic. president obama early on his hawaiian vacation shunning the spotlight and perfectly willing to remain in the shadows for a time. de blasio has no such luck. he's a local mayor no matter how big the city. he has no escape. he's on the streets with the people he serves, and the downward
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accelerating spiral of his mayoralty has been shocking to watch as he campaigned against new york's police department and officers and attacked them at every turn when he was near a camera and microphone. he sailed into office. he dominated his opponent. won 73% of his vote. but now even the liberal publication acknowledges that the mayor is reaping the whirlwind and his honor is living a nightmare of his own creation. there's no question that he's lost the police department and perhaps much more than that if he can't find ways to make amends and do so soon. to apologize and convince the men and women that protect everyone in this city that he will be the far different mayor than the one who earned so much contempt as he chose to appeal to the lowest common denominator in a city filled with folks who deserve better. because of stunts like
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these back in july when de blasio invited reverend al sharpton to city hall and sharpton slammed police tactics in a personal way, talking about the mayor's mixed race son. >> if dante wasn't your son, he would be a candidate for a choke hold. we have to deal with that reality. >> now the disgraced mayor is talking unity. he's denouncing division, but not expressing contrition or making responsibility for his words or actions. >> there's a lot of pain right now. we have to work our way through that pain. we have to keep working to bring police and community closer together. we have to work for that more perfect union. we have to put the divisions of the past behind us. they were left to all of
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us in this generation. we have to overcome them. lou: his rhetoric yesterday quickly gave way to trying to shift blame rather than holding himself accountable. de blasio instead chose to blame the media for dividing the city. >> now the question is what are you guys going to do? what are you guys going to do? are you going to keep dividing us? so many protesters appreciated the nypd. i heard from nypd officers and leaders who said they saw peaceful protest, respectful protest. what you managed to do is pull up the few who do not represent the majority, who are saying unacceptable things. the question is, will you tell the world about it? you all are part of this too. lou: blame the media. surely not taking his cues from president obama. >> you hear about the republicans running around about obamacare. because while good
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affordable health care may seem like a threat to the american people, on fox news, it turns out it's working pretty well in the real world. lou: de blasio and obama, neither accountable. neither taking responsibility. neither worthy of the votes that they won. and now, both face a contemptuous public. our quotation of the evening now. this one from english american writer and revolutionary thomas payne who said: a body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody. we're coming right back. >> hello, north korea. >> "the interview" is back on. sony pictures changing course after north korea goes dark. its internet shut down mysteriously. two of the country's leading cyber security leading cyber security experts join us next.
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. lou: sony today making a lot of reversals, announcing it won't give into north korean terrorist threats and will release the film "the interview" on christmas day in select theaters and on video on demand services. joining us the ceo of main nerve, a provider of cybersecurity services, chris parkman, and network security
10:34 pm
group ceo john lewis , are you concerned that the united states is responsible for shutting down the internet? >> they may have. somebody brought it down. lou: i'm going to pretend i know what a rj 11 is. >> it's a connection and feeds the country. north korea could have taken it down just to blame the united states. if the united states did take them down, i don't believe that's a response that is of looking forward to seeing. someone of these guys on the cia from the cell phone could have done that to north korea. i'd like to see them hurt them economically to prove a point why you should not threaten people in the united states. lou: i've got to say, bruce, from my part, whatever you -- needs to be done in reprisal, i'm fine with.
10:35 pm
fact something may have been done by the government we haven't heard shouting from rooftoping taking credit for it as a strong step forward in maturity and i think it's proportional comprehension of world event. what do you think, bruce? >> absolutely, lou. this is one of those cases where sooner or later, we have to step up to the entire world and show them we not only have the capability but the will to use it in support of freedom of expression, and defending this country. there is absolutely no way that we could continue to mislead the american populace by allowing the hacks to take place and not stating we have the capability nor the will to respond. now, with north korea being off for 10 1/2 hours, if that's the responsibility of the united states government or some patriotic hacktivist group out there, regardless, i think the
10:36 pm
measure is not enough, as john says, but at the same time, we have to be careful. we've got to make sure we get the leadership's attention, that we have the capability, the will to use, it but can't harm the population to the point we caused geopolitical discontent. >> you know, the geopolitical discontent seems to me mostly right now resides within the united states. the approval rating for our president, for congress, for both political parties, we've got a country that really does need to see this country step up and respond the way they're used to seeing, world's only superpower respond. i was taken by your idea that there should be more. do you have specific idea, john, about what we should do, not only vis-a-vis north korea, but why in the world are we putting up with all of this talk about turning over the internet to other countries to the united nations for crying out loud? >> that should never happen, without a doubt, i'm upset that
10:37 pm
the united nations oversees domain registrations. this goes on, and now we want to give out this stuff to other people to run when we're the ones who created it, that doesn't make sense to me. when you want to see things happen, like you said, this administration and this government, hasn't been stepping up with benghazi and other things. we'd like to see them step up here. i don't think this is the response most people would like to see. we're not going to hurt the people, most likely in north korea, most people citizens don't have access to the internet. they're not allowed access. if we take them down, we're taking the government down. economic sanctions, i'd like to see. lou: bruce, your thoughts? >> you know, the point is that with -- this is not the first time that we have seen a terrorist attack against this country that host nation supported.
10:38 pm
and the fact that the sands casino was almost -- u.s. operations were decimated in february of this year after the ceo went public saying this we should intimidate iran by using an atomic weapon in the deserts of iran to stop their nuclear program. and the administration, the fbi was involved, the administration has done nothing on. this attack, they trivialized it is aing it was cybervandalism. this is an act of terrorism. the use of force and intimidation in pursuit of political aim. that is clearly what happened here. we wait an entire month to stand up and say and finally recognize that first amendment rights are under attack, that the ability for companies to legitimately pursue legal lines of business and express themselves had been under attack by a nation state. they waited too long. >> i'm confounded by the administration on a number of levels but certainly on this. a couple of years ago saying
10:39 pm
that an attack on our infrastructure, cyberattacks against us will be judged to be in certain instances an act of war. and today this is reduced by this administration on the attacks on sony to vandalism? >> right, and i don't believe it's vandalism, defacing a website, that's vandalism, okay? coming after a network and taking personal information, taking confidential information. this is not, i believe that when you combine everything that happens, i agreed with bruce, this is terrorism. you can't threaten people to kill people if they release a video. sony early on made that error, i think they later blamed it on the five major theaters wouldn't release it. this would have been an excellent example of capitalism by sending that out and let the mom-and-pop theaters run it and watch the revenue drive to the theaters. >> maybe yet, john, thanks so
10:40 pm
much. >> honestly, lou. lou: bruce, quick, we gotta wrap. >> i think the north koreans were secretly working with sony, i saw the trailer, i think it was going to bomb. they're going to drive a lot of people into the theaters on christmas day. it is an american business, they should have released that film on schedule and should not have conceded to the hackers' demands. lou: unless and for the remainder of big business for this country. the way it's going, they're going to face these kinds of threats in the future. thank you both. john, good to see you, bruce, good to see you. >> merry christmas. lou: merry christmas. new reports that bill de blasio's feud with the nypd dates back to days as a candidate and revealed by a far left wing news organization, far, far left, it's so far gone. we
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. lou: the "washington post" editorial board today defended president obama and mayor de blasio against criticism from republicans like this remark from former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. >> we've had four months of propaganda starting with the
10:45 pm
president that everybody should hate the police. i don't care how you want to describe it. that's what the protests are about. the protests are being embraced. the protests are encouraged. lou: the post editorial board didn't agree, they put out a piece titled the blame game over police deaths in new york goes too far. in it, post editors argued in part, quote, those who protested the killings of eric garner, michael brown and others bare no responsibility for the twisted mind and crimes of mr. brinsley who committed suicide after killing two officers. joining us fox news political analyst, republican strategist ed rollins, thank you for being here. >> good to be with you. lou: stunning, that editorial. what giuliani said, in my judgment, i want yours, i didn't find a thing amiss with anything he said. >> i didn't either and rudy
10:46 pm
basically took the city when it was lawless and turned it back around. he rebuilt the confidence of a police force. we have the finest police force in the country today. two extraordinary police commissioners, ray kelly and commissioner bratton today. and bratton as i watched the photo earlier of bratton standing alongside the mayor. he's a demoralized guy. an extraordinary police chief in boston, los angeles here before, and neutralized, and denuded, whatever the case may be. "washington post" might have felt different if the guy who killed the two police officers drove across the border and shot somebody in baltimore or d.c. this guy came up here, the highlight was here, the crowds were here, and i think the sad part is the law enforcement of this town, it's a big, big town. police force is like a small army, 39,000 police officers. the vast majority of wonderful human beings, respectful and
10:47 pm
turned this town around from where it was. i came here 15 years ago, and they have made a tremendous difference in the quality of life of the city. lou: today, walking out in new york streets, we have extra police obviously on duty in manhattan because of the demonstrations, and it is christmas, and a lot of people are here. a lot of tourists. but you walk by the police officers standing there working the streets, working traffic, crowd control, trying to keep everybody safe and moving in the city, they do such a splendid job day in and day out all year long, and before the incident, de blasio was criticizing, and disparaging them, denigrating them, and this is the kind of rhetoric for which i think a man has to be held responsible. >> i couldn't agree more. obviously, this spartof his campaign, got on the camp of al
10:48 pm
sharpton early on, the drill is cops are bad, if you carry a gun and search you and find, it they'll put you in jail. the whole frisk situation was not people walking on the street. people looked like they were in an activity, it worked, and at work elsewhere, that was the campaign theme. if i was a police officer in the city and i'm sure every single family not only here but across the country, talked to kids what life is like. wives worry every time they go out, now they really do. this is just a random murder, the others were accidental deaths. they didn't mean to happen but they happened, and the function of doing law enforcement, these were assassinations. lou: and the fact of the matter is de blasio called for a pause in the protest, however he put it. he was asking for at least a significant time without protests and demonstrations, but ed, as you know, al
10:49 pm
sharpton empowered by the president of the united states has the imprimatur of the president of the united states right on his forehead. he's telling de blasio to go to hell and away we go. lou: one of the things when the president got elected and obviously i'm of a different party. i was hoping the jesse jacksons and the al sharptons would take a back seat and to talk about very serious issues. sharpton has become more of a factor, both the presidential level. lou: the president's political purpose. >> absolutely. it's well rabble-rousing, not about serious discussion, and my sense is it's derogatory and at the end of the day, very detrimental to the city. lou: ed rollins, good to see you. >> merry christmas. lou: merry christmas, thanks for being here. sony pictures fighting back against hacking attack, not against north korea. its target is another u.s.-based company. we'll tell you about it next, and we take up all that is law
10:50 pm
with our legal panel next.
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i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. . lou: new threats by sony pictures tonight over leaked documents from its cyberattack by north korea. sony not threatening the rogue regime, but it's going after twitter instead. it's threatening the social media company with legal action unless is suspends the accounts
10:54 pm
of users who tweet the contents of those e-mails revealed in the cyberattack. joining us two of america's top legal mind, mercedes colwin, and criminal defense attorney rebecca rose wood lin. going after twitter, how does it work? >> under what legal theer theme. is information twitter had nothing to do with. we have the supreme court saying if you have the type of information in the public eye and it gets republished, what can you possibly do, it is still free speech, freedom of the press. in this case, it's free speech. none of the twitter users have gotten the information. this is something that's already in the public domain. can't imagine it's going to be successful. lou: and david boies is threatening to sue any news outlets that use the material? >> we've been talking about this now, last week we talked
10:55 pm
about it, david boies sending all the threatening letters. lou: i know david, it scares me. >> he is a great attorney. the reality is in this case he's overreaching. the information was hacked by north korea, not by the twitter users who were retweeting it for the general use of the public, and that's what the supreme court decision said years ago. if it's public use and it's a public interest, it's allowed, first amendment protected. lou: isn't it sony that has the legal problem here? that sort of puts being set aside seems to me. they're the ones who have, what do you think? >> their employees are saying personal information is out there. social security numbers, our medical histories. our children's names, their social security numbers. all of this private information that sony should have done what they could to protect, it it's still in the public domain.
10:56 pm
liability to sony, not the smoke in mirrors where you go after twitter users, you as the employer didn't protect the information that your employees had. there's a class-action lawsuit that started a week and a half ago that said sony knew and didn't invest the money they could have to protect their information from hackers. exactly what we see happen happened, and they are on notice and chose not to invest the money. well, if they're not going to invest the money to protect their employees, this is what's going to happen. how can they go running and screaming at twitter, they should say, wow, we need to judge our own internal i.t. people and say what went wrong? lou: in turning to new york city, this city right now with a schism between police and mayor, the likes of which i
10:57 pm
can't recall, what is going to be the impact on law enforcement? what is going to be public safety? and the courts themselves? >> one of the best quotes i heard recently is one of the leaders came forward on the law enforcement side and said if the police aren't safe, we're not safe. we have to start protecting law enforcement. they're protecting us. they're putting their lives on the line. any one of us sitting in the studio, would we put our lives on the line for someone else? unlikely we would do this for strangers. the police officers do this every single day. lou: it is incomprehensible, this attack, this campaign against law enforcement, nationwide by the president and within this city by de blasio. >> that's the concern. now you have issues, issues. things did happen, we saw things happen. we saw a grand jury. we had the constitutional
10:58 pm
protections, the grand jury decided how they decided. we weren't there. what has to happen at this point is to say we have a constitution, they are our protection, and sometimes things go wrong. within a democracy, we have to respect law enforcement, we have to respect the rights and rules of the land, we can't go willy-nilly and have anger towards a broad group of people when it's not justified. they are here to help us and trying. lou: it's interesting a number of folks in the obama administration said. they said they don't want to -- and the mayor himself talking about a handful of people. they've done precisely that with two instances of law enforcement across the country and made that, that, if you will, the projection of the entirety of all law enforcement in this country. it's madness, and the national media has been culpable in not
10:59 pm
challenging, what is the simply tactics? >> attorney general eric holder saying we have to make the changes without the investigation completed. ridiculous. lou: mercedes, thanks for being with us. you guys are terrific as always. and now the wrap, it is without question a strange twist in a bizarre episode authored by the north koreans. after north korea's internet crashed and inoperable for nine hours, we heard very little from the country's dear leader. not a people. kinda nice. sony's management has reversed itself and will release the movie "the interview" on christmas day. it comes together nicely. put a bow on it. makes a nice christmas president. sony's president would be mortified if he were still alive. they weren't reliable stewards of the brand he created.
11:00 pm
he would be grateful to whoever turned off the lights on the north korean internet without seeking a smidgen of credit, nice. thksh us, stay tuned for "cavuto." good night from new york. . >> cops are blasting him, bill de blasio has protesters protesting him. i'm david asman in for neil cavuto. activist groups rejecting his call to hold off on protesting until after the funerals of the murdered police officers. benevolent association president james carver says it is too late to undo the bad blood he created. can de blasio regain the trust of his police force again? >> i think that train's left the station. i don't think you can do that after all the damage that's done over


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